COVID-19 Notice
Tax filing made easier and safer

Two options to file with SukhTax:
  1. Visit our Office (under strict safety measure, of course!)
  2. File with us online using the following three easy steps.

Step 1

Email us at with the following information: Full name, contact number, and let us know whether you are a new client or returning SukhTax client.

Step 2

Please attach a form of government issued ID. This can include Driver's License, Passport, etc

Step 3

Please attach all relevant tax documents. Please consider the documents through the link below


Personal Tax Filing Deadline: June 1, 2020
Payment of Income Taxes: September 1, 2020


Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm
Sun - Closed

Please call us at 905-456-0660 for more information.
We wish you a happy and safe Tax Season 2020!