We offer Investments to help you meet your financial goals

Registered education savings plan (RESP)

RESP offers an incomparable way for parents or guardians to save for their children’s education: an investment that is necessary. We offer a wide range of RESP plans that best suit your personal needs.


When you invest in an RESP, not only will you benefit from the growth of your investment, but the government will also invest 20% on your behalf as a grant up to an annual limit.


We offer a wide selection of plans that meet your financial needs, your investment goals, and your child’s education needs.


Registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)

RRSP is a great tax planning vehicle and a method of saving for your retirement needs. Become financially independent in your old age by saving through our RRSP plans, advised for your particular needs.


We work closely with our clients to ensure that their investments are integrated with their tax planning. This includes both their current financial plan, long term plan, and estate planning.


Our RRSP plans not only offer outstanding returns, but are also minimal in management fees. We only partner with highly rated entities to ensure that our clients’ investment needs are kept priority.


More important than picking the right investment is choosing when the right time is to invest in an RRSP, and how much to invest to meet your tax and financial planning goals. To learn more about when and how much to invest in an RRSP, please feel free to visit us.


Sukhtax allows you to Open a corporation or a presence in Canada for business purposes. You have several choices if you have family or friends who are born in Canada and live in Canada. When you can act as a director, you can easily register a company in the province where your principal lives. What we have developed is a risk-free approach that allows you to maintain full ownership of your company. No partners or managers require. You can serve as the company's sole manager and shareholder. We also support our clients by handling the business from the accounting and tax point of view.

Looking to get your Opening an Ontario Inc.? Sukhtax provides an easily tracked process for both the Ontario Business Name Registrations and Incorporations. We also render services across Canada for registration and filing needs. We present an easy to follow the process for both Ontario Business Name Registrations and Incorporations.

If you are planning for opening a Canada Inc., then you are on the right track. There are several reasons why many people are involved in a business: limited liability, great planning opportunities, and tax benefits. The incorporation of the company brings many advantages to any growing company, including a reduction in corporate tax rates, greater access to capital and grants, and perpetual life. Let us handle your paperwork so that you can focus on the growth and production of your company.